Monday, April 19, 2010


Welcome to my new blog. For many years I have been the caretaker of the old and wonderful things left behind by various family members. Because I love all these old things I have even added to the collections over the years and now it is either them or me that gets to stay in my tiny home and so I'm letting a lot of things go...

It is my hope to share some of the wonderful stories my family told over the years and I hope you will share some of yours, too.

I recently unearthed this wonderful old album....

I thought it would be full of old family photos so imagine my surprise when I found all these old photographs of 1940s movie stars with autographs!

My mother and her sister collected these by writing directly to the movie studios and many of the photos have notes on the back. How cool is that? The album was in pretty tough shape and I removed the photos to clean them up and put them in separate envelopes. I will write a little more about some of them over the next few days.

Did anyone in your family collect old movie star photos?


  1. I'm following. Happy blogging. Your blog has a similar feel to mine. Check it out. You may want to follow.

  2. Not that I know of, but that is awesome!

  3. No one in my family did that I know of. What an awesome thing to have though. Very nice.

  4. How exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about the photos, as well as the other treasures you have. I peeked in all of your shops -- you are one talented lady! Happy to be a follower...


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