Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle...

Wow, it's been awhile. I seem to have just slipped off the blogging horse to sort some things out but here I am again.

November is here and it is a month where I find myself thinking of my grandmother and my other family members that have left....My grandmother LOVED Thanksgiving and some of my favorite childhood memories are from her big, festive dinners in her tiny apartment.

Over the next few weeks I will dig out some old photos and tell some stories.
These two turkeys were in my grandmother's boxes of cards. I have spent days and weeks gathering her various cards and memorabilia together, sorting and labeling things. Some I will keep but many things will get listed over at my Muna's Treasures Etsy shop.
These sweet little linen books were published in 1927 and for years they have sat in the bookcase in my little office. They are spotted and dirt marked but still so sweet they make me smile. I have enjoyed them for years, now it is time for someone else to enjoy them. Their useful days as actual story books is probably over but maybe someone will want to just look at them and display them....
When I found this copy of Miracle on 34th Street in my mother's things I had to smile. Every year we watched the old movie with Natalie Wood and the old Macy's building. I remember how excited I was to see Macy's for the first time when I went to NYC as a young adult.
It's funny how times of year can bring such vivid memories. Do you have fond memories from this time of year?