Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sweet Lady and her Violets

My grandmother and mother continually told stories and some of the stories were told so often they became family legends. This little vase is one of my favorite pieces that used to belong to my mother. She got it when she was 12 years old and had broken her leg in a toboggan accident. She was bedridden for several weeks and had many visitors including a young man who brought her this little lady filled with violets.

Every spring my mother pulled it out of the vase cabinet and filled it with violets and retold the story. After she died I continued the tradition and since it is violet time in my back yard, here is the little lady once again, all decked out in her spring time regalia.

I actually use her more often than just in the spring since she feels like a little piece of my mom in the room. She has been known to hold lilies of the valley, small roses and holly among other things...

Do you have a special piece handed down from your family that is worth more for the story and the memories than the piece itself?


  1. Yes! I have numerous things on display or in use that belonged to my mother, mother-in-law, and a special aunt. One of the most special is a metal musical face powder box that was my mother's. I danced to its tune when I was little. Another is a set of two goblets that my mother handed down to my brother and me (he gave me his)- they belonged to her mother and I feel very special that I have something of my grandmother whom I never knew.

    I know what you mean about making you feel their presence - I look around every day and feel them near.

  2. What a lovely post! I once had a vase that belonged to my grandmother. As a child, I would sit and stare at that lovely vase. After my grandmother passed on, the vase was passed to me. Unfortunately, I lost it in a house fire. But the memories can never be taken! So thankful for that!

  3. That is a lovely vase and so sweet you continue to use it.
    I have a vase that is a lady's head, so when you put the flowers on the top, it looks like she is wearing a flowery easter hat. ;)


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