Thursday, April 22, 2010

For the Dogs....

For as long as I know everyone in my family has had dogs, at least on my grandmother's side of the family. My grandmother often talked about her own dog growing up, a happy little mutt named Barney. I believe there is even a picture of him somewhere but I can't put my finger on it right now.

What I do have are these pictures of the dog they had when my mom was a little girl. That's my grandmother holding the puppy and my mother is the little girl. The handsome guy in black is Mike himself, dog of fame and  legend, at least in my family. He is the one and same pup being held by Muna. He was supposedly half Shetland sheepdog and who knows what else.

The man below with the tiny pup on his shoulder is my grandfather, Jack. There's a whole book that could probably be written about him but for today let's just say he loved his little dog, Mike. After Mike's death (of old age) my grandfather was so broken up he couldn't go to work for a few days and he would never have another dog. He said it was just too darn hard to lose one....he wouldn't go through that again. And he never did. My grandmother never had another dog, either but doted on all the ones my family had.

When I found this awesome book I couldn't help but think of all the dogs in my family and especially my grandmother's. She had lots of these little books all about birds, flowers, insects, etc. The dog book was not hers but one I picked up along the way....It is illustrated by Ole Larsen, a well known and well loved dog artist and I have other pieces and another book by him that I am keeping.

You can find this book here.


  1. Oh, I loved this little story, and understand completely.

  2. Great post Mary. Pets are certainly part of our families....and I understand your grandfather's feelings completely.

  3. thanks for taking the time to comment. i think all of us pet owners get it...but i always have gotten another one down the road...


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