Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dolls and Doll Houses

My family loved dolls and doll houses and over the years many wonderful additions were made to the old family doll house. I believe my niece has the actual doll house now but she put more modern furniture in it than what I had that was handed down by my mother.These little dolls were not ours, neither was the blue table set. They belonged to the older woman whose house we just cleared out for the estate sale. I believe the dolls on top are from the early 1980s and the ones below were made in the 1970s since the books that were with them were dated from then.
Most of the clothes are handmade and sewn right onto the little dolls.
This wooden doll house furniture was my mom's in the 1940s, then mine, then my kids. No one wants it any more and every time I see it stored away I think someone should be enjoying it...

I have lots more to list over the next few weeks. It is a bittersweet process to be sure....

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