Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you remember these?

One of my favorite things about opening my vintage shop on Etsy is getting to look at old things and remember some of the funny and sweet things about my grandmother, my mother and other members of my family that are no longer with us.

These staplers not only reminded me of my grandmother today but of sitting in my third grade classroom hoping I would not be called upon to staple something. Did you have trouble with staplers as a kid? I sure did....they jammed, the staple came out crooked or the paper corner got all messed up. Sometimes the stapler fell on the floor making a huge racket. I just hated them. Today they are among my favorite things but seriously, they needed to give lessons on these things.
Did your family have a set of these little monks? I remember seeing them in lots of houses when I grew up. I lived in a pretty Catholic neighborhood and my own grandmother was raised Catholic although we were not. The Irish Catholics in particular used to have a great time poking a little fun at the priests and the brothers, as they called them and these little salt and pepper shakers were a subtle or maybe not so subtle a way to do that. It seemed every Irish family had a priest or a monk in the mix so the joshing was pretty harmless. These were popular around the same time as Toby jugs....
Are there funny little things that make you smile about your family when you see them?

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