Thursday, May 6, 2010

Vintage Scrapbooks

What would you do with these vintage scrapbooks from the early 1940s? They belonged to my mom and have pictures of movie stars in them with captions in child's handwriting beneath most photos.

One book has mostly cartoons, jokes, riddles and other little anecdotal type clippings.
I am going to list these in my shop but am curious to know what people might use them for. I've had them knocking around my basement for a long time. They are not in great shape--pages are yellowed, some are torn but overall I think some creative person is going to have a blast with these....What would you do with these?


  1. Hmmmm, my first thought was scanning the covers for use in digital and mixed media art, but copyright is still an issue. Same on the photos more than likely. They could be used for personal art journals, looks like the back of the pages are bare, and even the pages with the photos could be journaled. But are you sure you want to part with these?

  2. How neat! I could never part with it!

  3. I think I'd have to keep them to look through and feel all nostalgic.

    I have something special for you to pick up on my blog -- hope you have a fun time with it!!

  4. Sit and travel back in time! Gorgeous!


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